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Cocktails and Kimonos – An Evening for Japan

Since the initial shock, the last few weeks have allowed me to meditate on what is going on in Japan. By now, we are all aware that on March 11th, the northeastern coast of Japan was hit with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, triggering a tsunami and resulting in incredible damages throughout the country.  To better understand the devastation, I sat myself down at the computer and started Googling away. I learned that:

  • 11620 (as of April 1st) people have died and over 17,000 still missing.
  • It’s been reported there are still 300,000 people living in shelters
  • 1 million people living in homes without water.
  • 14,000 buildings destroyed and 100,000 damaged.

To put things in perspective:

The entire student body at any major university in Canada is about 20,000 people, which is about the same as the combined number of deaths and missing persons in the Japan.

1 million people living in homes without water?  That’s equivalent to all of Ottawa, our capital city, living in these types of conditions.

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