Montreal’s Jewish community comes together to support Israel’s newest singing sensation

After Holland’s original reality talent show, “The Voice of Holland,” took off in America last year, many countries have followed suit, including Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, Germany, France, and the UK, each launching their own versions of “The Voice,” now one of the most popular television talent shows.  The latest country to create a new singing sensation is none other than Israel, who announced the winner of their edition of “The Voice” this past Saturday night. Not only were Israeli audiences waiting in suspense to find out the winner…so was Montreal’s Jewish community.

Four months ago, Montreal native and BIEC alumni (March of the Living, 2005), 23 year-old Kathleen Reiter made aliyah, after having traveled to Israel the previous summer.  Having lived in Israel for only a few weeks before her audition, she wowed the four judges of Israel’s “The Voice,” and audiences everywhere, when she performed an amazing rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” during the blind auditions for the show.  Not only did all four judges fight to have Kathleen on their teams, but the show’s live audience was brought to their feet, cheering her on as she finished her performance.  From that moment forward it became clear that Kathleen was going to be tough competition for the show’s other contestants.

Week after week, show after show, Kathleen continued to impress the judges and her new-found followers with amazing performances.  Not only did her family and friends back home in Montreal tune in to every episode, but, as a true testament to Montreal’s Jewish community, the entire community came together to support her.  Facebook fan pages went up, videos were posted, and our own Birthright Bear Facebook account was flooded with status updates, cheering Kathleen on.  This past weekend’s airing of the season finale brought incredible excitement to the Montreal Jewish community…and even more so when it was announced that Kathleen had won!

A few weeks ago, in an interview with The Canadian Jewish News, Kathleen said, “I am so proud of where I come from.  I grew up in Montreal, and I think that just growing up there made me into this person I am today.  I take a lot of pride in where I come from.  As a Jew, it was important for me to make a home here, in Israel, as well.” 

BIEC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kathleen on her amazing talent and incredible hard work; she has made the Montreal Jewish community incredibly proud!


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