It’s Reverse Mifgash time in Montreal!

It’s that time of year again!  Team BIEC is in the midst of preparing for our annual Reverse Mifgash, quite possibly one of the most exciting weeks of our endlessly busy year!  From bowling nights to guest speakers, volunteer projects to Birthright reunions, next week will be jam-packed with all kinds of events and activities to help show this group of Israelis how amazing the Montreal Jewish community is!

Last year's Reverse Mifgash participants, Sharon and Nati, reunite with Team BIEC in Tel Aviv this summer!

As many of you know, each Birthright bus has the privilege of having a group of Israeli soldiers join them for 5 out of their 10 days in Israel.  During this time, Birthright participants get the chance to not only bond with the soldiers, but also to see Israel through their eyes.  They take us to their favourite bars and ice cream shops, they enlighten us with their own political (or apolitical) views, they introduce us to their friends and families, and most of all, they help us to understand the importance of supporting Israel.  Some of the closest relationships formed on Birthright are often through the “mifgash” program, bringing Israelis and Canadians together to build friendships that last much longer than 10 days in Israel.

The Reverse Mifgash is BIEC’s answer to making these relationships even stronger…and last even longer!  Each year, we take the opportunity to bring in soldiers who were on our very own Montreal Birthright Buses to spend one week in Montreal with their fellow participants.  After all the mifgash soldiers showed us about Israeli life on our 10-day trip, here is the chance to show them what life in Montreal is really like!

2010's Reverse Mifgash crew enjoy dinner at Schwartz's!

This year, we are happy to be bringing in 4 soldiers to spend the week with us from Montreal Buses 2 and 3. The soldiers will be spending their days touring Montreal university campuses, meeting with students, and speaking at several different day schools in order to share their experiences with as many Montrealers as possible.  Their evenings will be devoted to showing them the best of Montreal, including dinner at Schwartz’s, watching the Habs game, and even teaching them how to skate!  Not only will they be getting the full Montreal experience, but they will be doing so surrounded by their fellow Birthright alumni!

Please check out the schedule below for the events happening during the week, and find the time to come out and meet these amazing people.  If you were on either Montreal Bus 2 or 3 this past summer, contact your madrichim for an even more detailed schedule, and come out to reconnect with your mifgash soldiers!  Join us in making this a week to remember for our 4 amazing visitors!

The Reverse Mifgash will take place from Saturday, October 22nd – Sunday, October 30th.  If you have any questions about events or the schedule, please contact Shoshi Rothschild at


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