The Birthright Connection – by guest blogger Samantha Schneider

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new What the BIEC!  As you can see, we’ve made some huge changes to the blog, and expect more changes coming in the next week.  Also, stay tuned for upcoming posts about what we’ve been up to all summer, and all of the things to look forward to in this coming year.  For now, in honour of Birthright Registration, opening TODAY at 10am, please read another awesome post by one of Team BIEC’s favourite guest bloggers, Sam Schneider!

 For those of you who don’t know, Birthright registration for all winter trips opens today at 10am!  In honour of registration day, I would like to share with you a very interesting experience I had this past summer.

Sam and her Birthright bus in Jerusalem this past summer

One Saturday afternoon in August, my friends and I drove up to a Starbucks drive-thru window in the West Island. As the girl on the intercom took my order, I thought to myself that she seemed extremely happy. I assumed, at that point, that she was in a good mood because it was a nice a day outside. I was actually very impressed by her liveliness while she was at work. Her overall character gave off a really positive vibe, which, as a result made me smile at her as I pulled up to the drive-thru window. She smiled back at me and said, “Sorry, I was really excited about taking your order because you were my first one in over two months!” I noticed how tanned she was and I thought that she must have been away on vacation. When I asked her if she had gone on a trip somewhere, she eagerly responded, “Ya! I was in Israel for 3 weeks!” with a huge smile on her face. Listening to her elated response, I immediately knew that she had to have gone on a Birthright trip.

My natural reaction led me to say, “Aaaaaah, ME TOO!” She then asked me if I had gone on a Birthright trip and I went on to explain to her that I went on the trip as a participant last year, and had just led a trip as a madricha this summer. Our enthusiasm and positive energy bounced off one another as we continued to talk for the next 20 minutes about how amazing Birthright is and how much we love Israel.

It is encounters like these that show me how significant Birthright is to people who have experienced it, and how we so easily connect. We somehow form an inexplicable bond after going on this life changing 10-day organized trip, both with the people on our bus, and with everyone else around the world who has shared the same experience. It essentially provides us with opportunities to share our thoughts and emotions about a common feeling with one another; our love for Israel, how we felt when we were there and how we feel when we come home.

Birthright most definitely has a positive effect on the Jewish young adult community, both here in Montreal, and all across the world.  Registration opens today at 10am for all winter trips, and I strongly encourage all those people who are eligible to join in and participate in this adventure to do so; a truly remarkable and incomparable experience….and it’s absolutely free!  What could be better than that?

For more information about Birthright, or to register for a summer trip, visit  You can also feel free to call Ortal Reuveni at 514-345-6449 ext. 3210 with any questions regarding the trip!


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