Celebrating the great women in our lives!


For those of you who don’t know, today is a very special day.  Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and so, in light of this great occasion, I want to celebrate by giving a shout out to the most amazing woman in my life; mommy dearest, Rita Reuveni. 

Born in Morocco, she is the youngest child of 6. After moving to Israel at a young age, my mom spent 7 long years serving her country as a dedicated soldier. Then I came into the picture and everything changed. She put aside her needs to focus on mine, and relocated her new little family to Canada. Why, you ask? I asked myself that same question everyday growing up. Why leave such a beautiful country? Why leave your entire family for a country you know nothing about? Her answer was simple; “we wanted to provide you with a better life, where the education system was stronger and the lifestyle wouldn’t present such a threat”. So, she left her mother, siblings, uncles and aunts to satisfy the needs of her children and to provide them with an enriching education and endless future possibilities.

My mother has since raised 3 more girls! Although the house is full of hormones, my father always seems to find a way to balance it all out. My mother, bless her heart, is on duty 24-7, and finding enough time for her to rest seems to be a luxury. Even though she works long hours and is exhausted by the time she gets home, she manages to cook a warm meal for all of us on a daily basis. When supper time comes around, she makes sure we are all around the table, serves us all one by one, and then subsequently serves herself. Not only that, but during supper time she always manage to find the time to ask each one of us about our day.

The Reuveni Family

Her love for our family comes first and foremost but, with that said, she never refuses to help where help is needed and to provide love to all those we choose to love. Whether it be her mother, brother, her daughters’ boyfriends, or anyone else associated with her family, she will make the necessary sacrifices to reach out and help in whatever capacity she can. Whatever decisions my sisters and I have made, whether she has agreed with them or not, she has provided her motherly advice while ultimately supporting whatever decisions we made. She has let us fall on our own and provided us with a helping hand in order to get up and start over again.

My mother is a generous, warm, funny, beautiful and strong woman. She is not only a remarkable woman, but a caring mother, loving wife and an amazing friend. I love you Ima. Happy Woman’s Day!


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