Team BIEC’s favourite Birthright moments revisited

In honour of Birthright summer registration, which opens tomorrow, February 15th at 10:00am, Team BIEC has come together to share with you our favourite Birthright memories.  Each Birthright trip, whether you are a participant or a madrich, is special in its own, unique way, but there are always those moments that stand out as the most memorable.  Some of the moments are funny ones, others are meaningful, but what they all have in common is that they happened in Israel, on the trip of a lifetime.  If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this amazing gift, I encourage you to register for your free summer trip tomorrow!  If you have already been on Birthright, we’d love to hear all about your favourite Birthright moment!  And be sure to pass the word on to your friends and family about this incredible and unforgettable opportunity, so that they too can experience their own special moments!
Mandy’s Favourite Birthright Moment
Birthright is full of lots of great moments; some big, some small, some meaningful, and some just flat out funny!  I have a great moment from my Birthright trip that I want to share with you!  After an incredible yet sleepless night at the Bedouin tents, a draining hike up Masada, and the anticipation of just finally getting to float in the Dead Sea, one of my participants decided to have someone take a picture of her jumping off of a rock on the top of Masada.  Although everyone knew this was a bad idea, she went for it anyway.  She jumped off the rock, turned to smile at the camera, and landed flat on her ass in front of not only our Birthright bus, but also another Birthright group that happened to be walking by at that exact moment.  Her good nature helped her to just get up and dust herself off and for the rest of us… we truly enjoyed the laugh!!

Preparing for the jump...

Jess takes the leap!

The failed landing

Laugh it off!!!

Jer’s Favourite Birthright Moment

In the past year I have had the privilege of being a madrich on two different Birthright trips, as well as bus hopping onto many other Montreal busses.  It is safe to say that my favorite Birthright moment throughout all of these trips, is always kicking it at the hotel the last night of the trip with the whole group, going over the last nine days. It’s crazy to see how fast we all go from not knowing everyone on day one, to becoming a family by day ten. It really makes the trip come full circle, and it’s amazing to get together with everyone and go over all the amazing times we’ve had together over the past 10 days!

Jer and his Birthright bus in Jerusalem

Ortal’s Favourite Birthright Moment

Who can remember all the details of their Birthright trip?! I remember waking up groggy and tired, having to climb Masada and complaining the whole way up, but instantly regretting every complaint once I saw the sun rise as I reached the peak. I remember running around and dancing in all the hotel hallways, never wanting to fall asleep as Israeli music played on the loud speakers. I remember being amazed (and slightly in pain) when floating in the salty Dead Sea. I remember how cute our soldiers were in full uniform when they joined our trip. The list goes on and on, as the fond memories are endless. BUT if I had to pick one memory to sum up the intense magnitude of what Birthright is to me, it would have to be the MEGA event! July 22, 2008; all Birthrighters from all over the world came together to celebrate Israel at 40! The Canadians representing Montreal, in a group of thousands of Jews from all different backgrounds, were all holding hands as we screamed, cried and sang! It was truly a night that I will never forget! 

Ortal...all excited for the Mega Event!!!

Shi 360 performs at the Mega Event on July 22nd, 2008!

Amanda’s Favourite Birthright Moment

It’s very hard to just pick one amazing Birthright experience, because everyday of a Birthright trip, about one hundred amazing things happen! So here is one that really resonates in the front of my mind… 

My first time in the Dead Sea…wow! Everyone says you float, but I had no idea what that would feel like! My best description for those of you who have yet to experience it is that you feel like a beach ball floating in the water. The floor is rock solid salt and the water is so beautiful; this was definitely one of my most incredible Birthright experiences.

Amanda's first time at the Dead Sea

Jarred’s Favourite Birthright Moment

My favorite Birthright moment stems from my first introduction to Israel. As the bus left the airport, our group stopped to overlook the historical city of Jerusalem. We stood in a circle and gave a nice little L’Chaim, while our tour guide welcomed us all to Israel. It was my first experience in Israel and while I have countless other memories from Birthright and other Israel trips, it’s something that will always stand out in my mind. God willing I’ll have other opportunities to see Israel, but I’ll never get the chance to see it for the first time again. 

Jarred and his friends, overlooking Jerusalem

Shoshi’s Favourite Birthright Moment

This past December, I had the opportunity of leading my first Birthright trip; a truly amazing experience!  As both a madrich and a participant on a Birthright trip, the 10 days are always a whirlwind of late nights, early mornings and amazing landscapes flying by your bus window.  Some of my favourite moments from my trip are the ones where everything seemed to slow down…even if it was just for a second.  One of those moments that stand out the most for me was during our night at the Bedouin tents.  A few of my participants and I headed out into the “middle” of the Judean Desert, until we could not longer hear the noise from the tents.  Although the sky was too hazy for stars, we sat out in the desert for a long while, sometimes talking, but mostly just appreciating the quiet that surrounded us.  Sharing that moment with a group of amazing, new-found friends was definitely the highlight of my trip, and one of my favourite Birthright moments.

Shoshi and some of her participants in the Judean Desert


Team BIEC would love to hear all of your favourite Birthright memories, so please share them with us by commenting below.  And don’t forget to tell all your friends; BIRTHRIGHT REGISTRATION OPENS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH AT 10am!!! VISIT TO REGISTER!!!


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