4 Kids in the Family


Growing up four kids in the Heitner household was quite the experience and man do I have some stories.  I’m currently 25 years old I have two brothers, a 26 year old and a 22 year old.  The fourth addition was my little princess, a sister who is now 18. (Yes I know she’s not little anymore, but she will always be in my eyes)! Being one of the middle children growing up really has its pros and cons.

The Heitner Kids, from left to right; Justin (26), Lindsay (18), Jer (25), and Sean (22)

Some of the pros include learning from my older brother’s stupid mistakes, which allowed me to not only avoid getting in trouble, but also to blame everything on him. Growing up with all of his friends made me “cool” with my friends and it also made me a great athlete because I was always trying to keep up with them.  I even got the privilege of being able to play spin the bottle with his older female friends… that’s right, spin the bottle!!

Some of the cons included often getting beaten up by my bro and his friends… definitely not fun.  For example, my Bar Mitzvah party was actually on the day of my birthday and they took me outside and gave me the birthday beats…but not just any regular birthday beats. It was more like a beat down.  Another con was often getting hand me downs and not getting any new clothes.  I’m by no means saying I was deprived but still… kind of sucked. Since my mom had learned all the tricks of the trade by the time it was my time to cause some trouble, I got an earlier curfew and getting away with certain things was definitely more challenging… but I still managed figured it out!

Me and my bros

It was really interesting to see how the dynamic between the four of us unfolded; as we got older everything became a game and we began to split up into teams.  I formed an alliance with my little princess sis and we called ourselves the Baboos and my two bros became a team known as the Boycheks. We now use these teams for everything.

One of the funniest things that we use our teams for is The Shrimp Game. The shrimp game is a game that started in my family many years ago, which normally takes place when my family goes out for Chinese food.  The concept is to see who can be the person to eat the last shrimp.  It started off just being a simple game but then, like anything in my family, it got very competitive and we started taking the game to the next level. The tricks began with hiding a shrimp in the middle of your rice, or putting one inside a vegetable pile.  They then transitioned into more serious things, like putting shrimps in our drinks on our laps.  Keep in mind this all happened in public, at various the restaurant.  The ways we have played this game go on forever and the fights and arguments that have occurred from this game are endless, however, I would not be doing this game justice if I didn’t share with all of you the most legendary victory of this game by my younger bro. On the way home from Chrysanthemum, me and my sister were gloating about the fact that we won the game that night, until my younger bro took a used, disgusting napkin out of his pocket, unraveled a shrimp, and ate it.  He began bragging about his victory like I’ve never seen bragging before. Props to him for that one; it was the most ridiculous strategy and it will go down as the best move ever in shrimp game history. Boycheks still suck though!!

Me and my sis...the Baboos!

Growing up in a family of four kids is definitely wild, but always a blast. I must say, having three siblings is such an amazing thing, especially knowing that we can always count on each other and have each others backs for life…whether we’re Boychecks or Baboos!


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  1. Boycheks > Baboos

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