Kids of the 90’s

As a new year quickly approaches let’s reminisce about the past.  Let’s talk not only about the celebrity gossip, fashion trends, and breaking news of the past year but let’s go further back. Back to the 90’s!!

With inspiration from other 90’s related material on the internet, Team BIEC compiled a list of staple items by category for those of us who were born in the 80’s, but grew up and formed most of our childhood memories in the 90’s.  Although some of these staples may have been forgotten, they will surely spark some fond memories and put a smile on your face!




Gadgets and/or supplies:


  • You’ve said   “Talk to the hand
  • You still get the urge to say “NOT” after (almost) every sentence…Not…
  • You’ve used the word “Duh!

I hope that while reading this list you gave a few good “oh yaaaa, I forgot about that” or “I remember those!!”… if you have anything else that we haven’t listed, I encourage you to add to this list. After all, who doesn’t love to take a walk down memory lane!


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  1. What about…
    – If you associate the sound “uh-oh” with ICQ
    – If you packed your yellow Walkman and mix tapes in your carry-on bag, on the way to Florida for Christmas break
    – If you owned a pair of Mod-Robes

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