I Live in the Future and So Can YOU!

This week I was totally blown away. After seeing a lot of different things I’ve got to admit that it takes something pretty special to make an impact on me. There I was, walking the isles of Chapters when I came across a new book. Written by the lead writer of the New York Times technology department, Nick Bilton has come up with something really interesting. He calls his book, “I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works.

Basically the book starts by showing us what those people who are tech savvy are currently doing and how the rest of us will probably adapt in the next year or two. What was really cool about this book was the “Bar Code” at the beginning of each chapter. You probably have seen by now these new barcodes called 2D BarCodes. They look like this:


Well, by downloading the new barcode scanner app you can in ‘real time’ follow all of the new articles that have been written since this book was published. In a real way you can keep up with the latest stuff that is going. Just choose which chapters you want to follow up on and you’re ready. 

One reviewer focusing on a key idea in the book said this:

One of the key points of the book is what Bilton calls “Me Economics” — which implies that consumers will increasingly seek out products and services that have personal relevance and which provide highly engaging personal experiences. In other words, customization and personalization will win out over broad-based media, and businesses will have to adapt to this in order to be successful.

I thought it was worth reading and interesting to see what those who are 2 years ahead of us are doing.

Let me know what you think…


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