The New Age of Latkes

Bet you never thought that poutine could be considered a Chanukah treat, right?  Well last night, at the first event of Team BIEC’s Eight Crazy Nights, Iron Chef: Latke, the winning team proved otherwise!  The evening was a huge success with 8 teams, each consisting of two people, battling it out for the title of Montreal’s top latke makers.  Taste, creativity and presentation all came into play in the battle for the best latkes and, as one of the 9 judges, I can honestly say that I was blown away by the amazing ways that these 16 chefs put their latkes together.  From gingerbread to zucchini, goat cheese and basil to caramelized peppers, the evening knocked traditional latkes out the window and made way for new, modernized recipes.  The winning latke?  A traditional style potato pancake covered in shredded cheese and gravy…latkes Quebecois style!  Stay tuned for the winning recipe, which will be posted online soon.  For now, enjoy some photos from last night, and feel free to share your favourite latke recipes below!  

Team BIEC judges light the first candle together

All of our amazing chefs

The cooking begins!

Team Orange's latkes - caramalized peppers and homemade apple sauce

Team Green - sour cream and onion

Team Pink - latke poutine!

Team Purple - The Newlyweds

The judging panel

Second place goes to Team Yellow - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

and the winner is....The Pink Team - The Lazy Latkes!

The Latke Champions!


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  1. So simple yet it’s all in the potatoes.

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