Hanukah Heroes

Hanukah is a time for heroes to shine and do great things through the motivation given to us by the Maccabees. Whichever narrative of the Hanukah story you follow, the Maccabees, rebels with a cause from Modiin, saved Judaism from assimilation by means of courage, thinking outside the box, and keeping it real to and for our People.  Inspired by Hanukah’s Heroes, I am excited to talk about the heroes that might not be seen as typical warriors…but do they ever have hearts of warriors!

My first hero is actually a team of young professionals, a team I’m pleased to work with everyday – Team BIEC. From bringing Jews together, educating, and helping others in need, Team BIEC holds it down for our city, people, Israel and the world.

Team BIEC’s Hanukah initiative, “Eight Crazy Nights,” is an 8 day/night program that offers a little something for everyone throughout the duration of Hanukah. These nights are definitely going to bring people together and create new relationships, but the best part about the week is that the cover charge for all events is a donation of new/gently used toys or canned food. On top of those donations, our office’s door will be open, as it always is, for you to contribute to the Eight Crazy Nights toy and canned food drive. When the week is over, toys will be shared with children at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the food will be given to MADA for them to distribute it to those in need this holiday season. A few other things going on during Eight Crazy Nightsinclude sufganiyot baking, a Hanukah party, volunteering at MADA, Sunday football with dreidle decorating and candle making and, of course, watching the Adam Sandler Hanukah favourite, “Eight Crazy Nights”.

The kick off is tonight at our Iron Chef Latke extreme latke cook off! If you want to take part in any of these amazing events or want more information, you can reach us at (514)-345-6449.

As our Maccabee heroes did a few thousand years ago so can you! Do something great this Hanukah and give someone a miracle!

If you’re interested in my other Hanukah Heroes check out my personal blog throughout the week, www.isramitch.wordpress.com.

Happy Hanukah, חנוכה שמח,



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  1. Love it!!

  2. This post is very egotistical… At the beginning, you talk about how you are going to talk about “the heroes”. Then you say, “My first hero”, indicating that there will be more. However, the only heroes you talk about are Team BIEC. Please do not misinterpret this comment – the initiatives of the 8 Crazy Nights program are wonderful. However, your post is misleading, because it incorrectly causes people to believe you will be talking about multiple, different heroes, when in fact you’re only talking about yourself. Probably just should have been titled “We’re Hanukah Heroes”.

    • EB… as an avid Blogger himself Mitch decided to write about his personal Hanukah Heroes on his Blog (www.isramitch.wordpress.com). He had different heroes for each night of Hanukah, which I’m assuming you are aware of because he linked it at the conclusion. As one of his Hanukah Heroes was Team BIEC, he thought it would be nice to share it on this Blog, because of the simple fact that this Blog is written by Team BIEC.

      We thought it was nice that Mitch considered Team BIEC one of his Hanukah Heroes and decided to share his sentiments with the community of people who might have been reading this Blog with some kind of interest in the Bronfman Israel Experience Center.

      I would also encourage you to read the entire post before you pass judgment. Some important information and further reading is available throughout the Blogs.

      As stated at the end of Mitch’s Blog… “If you’re interested in my other Hanukah Heroes check out my personal blog throughout the week, http://www.isramitch.wordpress.com.”

      Hope that you stay or become interested.

      Thanks so much and Happy Hanukah.

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