In the Saddle with Blue Rodeo!

Years ago I fell in love with modern music history and began to appreciate the art of music. My main influence as a musician has always been folk. Artists like Canadian Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie and Leonard Cohen have inspired me to write and enjoy the music that I follow.

I’m very able, from time to time, to like music on the radio and artists that are considered “Top 40,” but I ultimately try to stick to my roots. I consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to music. I listen to the classics, see a lot of live shows and keep up to date on the new bands and albums that come to light on a weekly basis.

When I found out that Blue Rodeo was coming to town to raise money in the community, I was excited. They’re a quality Canadian band that has been creating unforgettable music for over twenty years. I want to pass on some of the excitement on to you so that you could come out and enjoy an evening with Blue Rodeo, next Tuesday, November 30 at Place des Arts (tickets are available for $20 if you contact me)! I could probably go on for days with regard to why people should see Blue Rodeo or how incredible they are, but here are some of my personal reasons why I think everyone who enjoys music should come out to the show…


# 1 Blue Rodeo has been a strongly influencial band for over two decades. Their root lie in Canada and they stay true to their roots. We should be supportive of Canadian bands (especially good ones), no matter big they are on an international scale – bands like The Tragically Hip, The Guess Who, Arcade Fire, Alanis Morissette. It’s a sense of pride having these incredible musicians coming out of the true north strong and free.

# 2 This might be surprise, but Blue Rodeo doesn’t lip-sync. I find it to be an extremely enjoyable experience, watching live muscians play live music. The entertainment of a live Usher show might be high, but he only sings some verses while dancing to his album playing in the background. I guess people get their kicks form different things.

# 3 This is a very personal reason for me. My favorite band in the world, Chicago based Wilco, has gone through many lineup changes over their 15 year history. One of their former member, a gentleman by the name of Bob Egan, is a current member of Blue Rodeo. That should be a good enough reason in and of itself.

Again, I could go on and on, but just want to throw out a few little tidbits about Blue Rodeo and make it a point that they’re a lot more enjoyable than people give them credit for. They got a bit of a country twang, but take it from some one who has seen them live a few times… they’re amazing and they won’t let you down.


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  1. I saw you at the show!

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