What the BIEC?

I have been told I have to write a post about our new online blog, “What the BIEC?”.  Of course those of you who know me know that I always love to have my words shared with the world.  One question though, what actually is a blog??

I am told it is something that helps people, who are not necessarily writers, get to feel like writers for that split second when they post opinion about something online. Got it. While I am not a writer at all, hopefully there will be people who “follow” me because they are interested in what I am doing…and it should be fun to see the different posts that come up. 

I am told we can write about anything on the blog…ANYTHING?? That seems a bit dangerous considering the personalities that I work with!  While I think that I may be spent on creative ideas after this post, it seems like our group here has a whole lot to say.  Finally it seems we’re channeling our creativity properly and effectively; instead of talking out loud in the office all day, they get to write their thoughts down and people will actually care!!

Seriously, welcome to our new blog! All of Team BIEC are going to moonlight as serious writers and present all kinds of ideas on this page; everything from writing about community events to just writing about what we think may interest the people reading our blog.  This team is probably the wackiest group I’ve ever worked with and I can’t wait to see some of the things they have to say…

So, my only question from a management position at the Bronfman Israel Experience Centre is…..What the BIEC???


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  1. You guys Rock!

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